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CNC Machining Specialists offering Precision Machining Services with tolerances within ± .0001"

Industries Served


Precision CNC Machining Of Highly Sophisticated Components With Tight Tolerances

Bradhart Products serves a variety of today’s industries that require tight tolerance work. In fact, we can hold our machining tolerances to ±.0001" or even ±.00001" with the appropriate grinding processes.

Whether you are in the Aerospace, Medical, Transportation & Industrial, Security & Defense or Power & Energy industry, chances are that we have made a part close to what you are looking for. A good precision manufacturing company doesn’t happen by chance. Get our complimentary resource and learn what you should consider when selecting the one that’s right for you.
Gun parts - turning and milling capabilities - center part is swiss Bearing Sleeve Hydraulic piston shoes or slippers Security Detention (Prison Lock) Spinal Cross Connector (Impants) - Medical SS part with milling capability
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Bearing Retainer with machined roller retention Bearing Cage and Cap Assembly Bearing cages or retainers how small they go Bearing Sleeve Machine tool bearing housing Security Detention (Prison Lock) Spinal Cross Connector (Impants) - Medical Split Cage Ball Retainer