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CNC Machining Specialists offering Precision Machining Services with tolerances within ± .0001"



Precision Manufacturing Services For Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing is often complex and requires a precision CNC medical machining company that has:

Spinal Cross Connector (Impants) - Medical
  • Capabilities and technical abilities like 5-axis milling or 11-axis turning CNC medical machining and experience working with a broad range of materials
  • Quality Management Systems that foster production of high-quality parts while allowing for process improvements
  • Information Technology that allows for meeting timelines, including JIT scenarios or the ability to assist a company with Inventory Control
  • A Defect-Free Quality Track Record that demonstrates a commitment to meeting customer specifications.

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Surgical Tool medical component made in 1 operation Swiss machined parts variety medical gun archery swiss shaft work

Bradhart Products provides all of these and with a 99.9% Defect-Free Quality Record, we stand at the top of the Precision CNC Machining Industry.

Contact us for a quote if you need:

  • Cross Connectors
  • Surgical Tools
  • Medical Instruments
  • Hooks
  • Rods
  • Connectors
  • Spinal Fusion Cages
  • Implant Holders
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